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Acupuncture can help you quit smoking

Smoking is a hard habit to break. If nicotine patches and gum doesn't work, maybe you need something else as an alternative form of health care such as acupuncture.

Acupuncture is an ancient practice that the use of needles. This instrument is inserted into the skin, so you energy or Qi start, free-flowing, around your body and if you help to quit smoking.

If you visit an acupuncturist first go and tell him or you want to quit smoking, after answering a few questions, the specialist will conduct a your ears and look for areas where the energy is low.

Since these places are identified, these sharp needles inserted. Normally 5 needles placed in different acupuncture points.

The treatment is completed, after an hour, and if the needles are removed, it is advisable to wear ear magnets so that your session will remain even if you leave the clinic. While acupuncture a painless procedure, have some smokers claimed that prick you felt or sleepy.

Most smokers should come to the hospital 4 to 6 times before you no significant results. Just to give you an idea, a study shows that the respondents a decrease in the number of cravings to smoke only after one or two sessions reported. Seven out of ten respondents could kick the habit after 5 or 6 sessions.

If the number of respondents is small, there are some reasonable doubts as to the effectiveness of acupuncture. This is because, although positive signals in the short term impact of this technology is not its impact were maintained. Therefore, some medical journals said that it is unclear what acupuncture in smoking can do.

But you must remember that acupuncture is not permanent. It starts only something that you have to quit on your own. Some smokers times per week in the hospital go 2 or 3 for return should follow-up meetings in the future.

At the same time, you must find ways to prevent, that is a collection of the cigarette. You can do this by staying away from people, smoking, because you are inclined, are a stick to questions. If you feel the need, you can create your own personal mantra to repeat itself every time, to itself.

Please bear in mind that this fee only short term thinking and last only for a few minutes. You've worked so hard to post this so stick to the path and the smoke to remain free.

Acupuncture treatment for smoking must be created only by a licensed professional. Do some research to find out if accredited by the National Commission for acupuncture and Oriental medicine are wondering, how long you were in the profession, to find out how many smokers who have helped and how much it will cost you online.

Once you've found a need to join you for the program because you both the acupuncturist works, give this habit.

Acupuncture can help smokers in the same way that it helped drug users and searches your alcoholics quit. You just have to try it even if you can't believe.


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