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Selasa, 15 Maret 2011

Adolescent pregnancy

Adolescent pregnancy in ninety-nine percent of the cases is unwanted and important consequence of adolescent sexual activity, other than sexually transmitted diseases. This problem has affected Youth families, educators, health professionals and Government officials. A study on the high school young people concluded that forty percent of men and 45% of women are sexually active. A quarter of high school students had sexual contact of fifteen years. The average age of young people is sixteen years old and seventeen a girl had sexual intercourse. Ninety percent of the young people ages fifteen through nineteen, say their pregnancy is unintended.

Four of the seventy percent of women over 14 years and 60% of women under the age of 15 years have reported to involuntary to have sex. Fifty percent of adolescent pregnancies are within six months after the first sexual intercourse. More than nine hundred thousand young people every year in the United States to get pregnant to be reported. Fifty percent of adolescent pregnancies result in live birth, thirty-five percent score in induced abortion and miscarriages or stillbirths Fourteen percent. Four of the ten adolescent women become pregnant before you twenty, at least once more. Twenty-five percent of the adolescents deliveries are not the mother of the first child. As a teenager indicates your first child birth, increases the risk of getting another child. A third of the young parents are result of adolescent pregnancies.

There are many reasons teens why early in life are sexually active. The reasons may be early puberty, poverty, sexual abuse in family and cultural patterns of early sex, drug abuse, drop out of school and poor school performance, lack of career goals, childhood, lack of attention of parents. Factors, to discourage the a young sexually active are stable family parental control, good income for a family, prayer, living relationship with parents and with full family and both parents. The factors for the consistent use of contraceptives in adolescents are responsible academic success a sustainable relationship, expectations for the future success and participation.

There are many medical risks associated with adolescent pregnancies. Young people are less than seventeen years a higher risk of developing medical complications that when compared to adult females. The risk is even more in young people under the age of 17. The weight of the child by a teenager, birth is very low in these pregnancies. It is usually below 2,5 kg. Neonatal birth rate is three times greater for young people in comparison to adults. Other problems by youth pregnancies premature birth, child, birth underweight child, poor mothers induced because of pregnancy weight gain, poor nutritional status, anemia, sexually transmitted diseases and high blood pressure.

Although an increase in the use of contraceptives by young people during their first sexual contact, said only sixty three percent of high school students, condom use during sex. Teens using prescription contraceptives, delay of your doctor visit to the time you have more than one year for sexually active.

According to a survey lived sex young people educational facilities used knowledge of contraception, abstinence, to involve Stds and youth discussions to get a clear picture, contraception and condoms effectively without an increase in sexual activity. The Center for disease control and prevention said that the youth of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases barrier contraceptive use the solution and abstinence.


Acne in adolescents

Acne is almost seventeen million people in the United States for one of the most common problems in adolescent girls. Acne is a disease of the sebaceous glands and hair follicles. Acne is that the blocking of the oil glands leads to the formation of pustules and cysts. The condition usually begins with the beginning of puberty. Go through the facts such as youth puberty of androgens, also known as male reach will sex hormones in high numbers to sebaceous glands is actively produced high levels produced results in tallow.

Tallow nothing but oil produced by sebaceous glands to travel to the skin by the hair follicles. Skin cells blocked but the follicle resulting in oil also be blocked. When this hair follicles block the results in the development of bacteria from the skin known as Propionibacterium acnes within the follicle which in turn is swelling of the skin, acne. If the hair follicles are sometimes blocked results in blackheads. If the follicle is fully blocked you are devoted in of Whitehead. But if not handled this connected follicle you eventually burst caused the skin oil and bacteria cells on the skin, causing irritation and formation of pimples spilling. Acne can be produced, flat and deep subject in various individuals the nature of the skin and the amount of oil.

There may be several reasons why acne forms. Apart from increasing hormone levels because puberty that it can be caused by certain other factors such as the use of drugs by lithium, barbiturates and corticosteroids. Acne can also be caused due to the excess fat and oil in the scalp due to oil and use some cosmetics can actually ease the acne problem. Acne problem is often inherited. Acne problem is aggravated if the pimples are squeezed or scrubbed too hard.

Acne can make in any place of the body but are most common in areas where there are sebaceous glands in high levels such as face, chest, shoulders, upper back and neck. The symptoms vary from person to person, but is often reflected: formation of blackheads, whiteheads, lesions with pus and very painful and finally filled nodules. You can sometimes get confused how can the symptoms of acne if another condition of the skin and it is always recommended a doctor in this scenario.

There are many treatments available to treat acne today. The main purpose of the treatment is to scars and reduce. There are different treatments and the doctor decide which specific treatment you need on the basis of: the size of the acne problem, age, medical history, general health, tolerance for certain drugs and procedures, the expectations and what patients prefer last but not least.

Treatment of acne is divided into topical and systemic drug therapies that are given based on the degree of seriousness. In some cases, the combination of the two methods the way to go for acne treatment. Topical treatments is nothing but creams, gels, lotions, solutions etc. prescribed to patients for acne treatment. Some examples of topical treatments: adapalene and benzoyl peroxide, that that Propionibacterium acnes bacteria, antibiotics help kills stop or slow down the growth of bacteria and also reduces inflammation, Tretinoin helps to stop the formation of new acne lesions reduces the formation of Comedo.

Systemic drug therapies include prescription of systemic antibiotics in the first place for the treatment of acne problem, the moderate to severe in nature. The examples of antibiotics are prescribed doxycycline, tetracycline and erythromycin. In some cases, an oral drug called isotretinoin for young people with severe acne requires problem, that down the sebaceous glands, producing oil shrinks. The results are pretty good and almost 90% of the young people have success with this oral drug. But the drug has some serious side effects, and it is therefore very important that you advise a physician prior to use.


Senin, 14 Maret 2011

What is acupuncture?

What is acupuncture? It is a form of holistic health care, which is used to prevent for the treatment of certain diseases and relieve pain and beautiful patients for surgery. Research shows that this started in China and has been practiced for over 5,000 years.

The earliest account is this in the book titled NEI Jing, i.e. in the English section of the Yellow Emperor's classic of internal medicine. The content in this book date somewhere around 200 BC. At that time, do not use metal needles and instead that stone used moxibustion and herbs for the treatment of a patient.

Acupuncture and treated diseases by inserting fine needles into the skin on the anatomical points on the body.

The principle behind this concept is that diseases as an imbalance in your life force, also known as qi. It is believed that these 14 channels in the human body that are known, which branch of physical bodies flowing and functions as meridians. If it is this, blockade or disability in any of you, if you have a disease or a disease succumb.

The lack of balance in the qi can go one way or another because of yin and Yang. The person can only be normal, harmony between the two is that what is trying to reach of acupuncture. This can only by this stimulating acupuncture points are reset so that your qi can be customized, balanced and harmonised.

Apart from the use of needles, practitioners also use friction, heat, pulses of electromagnetic energy and pressure to promote these points to reduce the movement of energy in the body to health offset.

An example is Sonopuncture where transfers an ultrasonic sound waves these points in the body. Some use a tuning fork and other devices of vibrations.

Acupressure is another example, and here, the finger used to the pain. This can be used alone or with other manual therapies.

Pulses of electromagnetic energy be used because our bodies generate but electrical discharges affect the function, the growth and maturity certain types of cells tiny. By the insertion of needles in these areas, it stimulates and changes the neurotransmitters in the body, making the patient feel better after the treatment. This is also sometimes used for Diagnostics and testing.

Here is a list of some diseases where acupuncture according to the World Health Organization or the WHO is using. These include acute bronchitis, cold, cataract, toothache, gingivitis, hiccups, ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, headache and migraine, Meniere's disease, arthritis and more. Acupuncture is often for the treatment of chronic pain conditions and mind body disorders in the United States.

Acupuncture is not risk free. Haematoma can arise if the needle is that a cycle structure punctures. It is also possible that pneumothorax can occur when the needle is inserted too deeply. There is also the risk of HIV and hepatitis if the needle was not properly sterilized.

Now that you know what acupuncture is, must not forget that it is only an alternative and no adequate form of medical treatment. This means that you still by a professional in the medical field should be examined that the serious illness or a disease can determine.


What do acupuncturists

Specializes in the acupuncturist, acupuncture directs. He or she can be used to create of needles or some other instruments according to type, harmony and balance in the body.

Before this person does something, first few questions. Then get to a physical exam, check your heart rate and to observe shape, colour and coating of the tongue. Other things in the color and the texture of the skin is being monitored and will be your attitude this proof for your health.

Then you will be on a padded examination table notification and the needles are inserted on the skin. The difference with this kind of needle is that you are every time more slide vertebrae and shaking in the body.

You can you not feel, and do, there are only a cramp that quickly disappears. Once in force, will be there for 15 to 60 minutes left, can you very relaxed and sleepy, you might even snoozing. Once the session is terminated, that needles are removed, and be on your way.

In some cases is acupuncture effective, if the needles are first heated. This technique is known as "moxibustion." Here is a small bundle of dried herbs Moxa or Mugwort called the acupuncturist and on the needles. The herb that burns slow and a little smoke and a pleasant smell of incense-like makes, will directly affect your body.

Another variation is electrical acupuncture. Here electrical wires are connected to the needles and a weak stream runs through leading little or no sensation at all until May.

It is also possible that by the acupuncturist for your treatment successful vegetable drugs are prescribed.

Find an acupuncturist you ensure this person is a license. Before he or she can be obtained, you have 4 years training in an approved College of Oriental medicine. In California, the California acupuncture Committee that a governing body is the title of the person.

If by another organization receives a copy of your license more clearly in the practitioner's Office. An example is the National Certification Commission for acupuncture and Oriental medicine.

If you choose an acupuncturist, there are a few things that you apart from your references. You need to know what styles of acupuncture used, because the number of techniques with needles, to treat patients.

Although there are no studies showing that a technology is better than the other, some patients more comfortable with one type over the other.

Another question, you ask and should discuss the length of treatment is next. Patients suffering from a chronic illness should be treated, can over a period of months before any improvements are seen. This will help in planning your schedule if you need to go to the clinic 2 to 3 times per week.

The acupuncturist, is like a doctor who will help you better. If you don't progress with that person, perhaps seek help from other specialists.


Types of acupuncture

There are different types of acupuncture. Depending on what you you are designed to do the same and that is to relieve pain or to treat certain disease.

The first is called based acupuncture TCM. It used to be harmony in the body eight principles of complementary opposites. Internal/external, surplus/deficit, Yin/Yang include hot and cold.

French energy acupuncture is then called. This is often used by MD acupuncturists. Meridian patterns are emphasised in particular the Yin Yang pairs of primary meridians.

Korean hand acupuncture is another, as practitioners believe that the hands and feet concentrations of qi and the application of Acupuncture needles in these areas for the entire body is effective.

There are also auricular acupuncture, where it is assumed that the ear a microcosm of the body. This means that Acupuncture needles at specific points to the ear, so that it can to treat certain addiction disorders.

Myofascially-based acupuncture is often used by physical therapists, as it goes, to feel the lines of the Meridian looking after tender points against the use of needles, like this, where abnormal energy flows.

Japanese acupuncture styles referenced as "Meridian therapy," tends to be more emphasis on technique and feeling meridians diagnosis needling.

Pulses of electromagnetic energy can also be used if the body is tiny but electrical discharges generated affect the function, the growth and maturity certain types of cells. By the insertion of needles in these areas, it stimulates and changes the neurotransmitters in the body, making the patient feel better after the treatment. This is also sometimes used for Diagnostics and testing.

There are also other forms of acupuncture with needles. For example, there are used a Sonopuncture that ultrasound device sends for the treatment of a patient sound waves at points in the body. Some doctors use a tuning fork or other devices vibrations.

Acupressure is different. Here the professional will use your hands to ease the pain. This seeded or with other healing methods manual can be used.

The number of treatments that you need depends on the condition of the patient. This would be from 10 to 5 treatments and 2 to 3 times per week on average. How much does it cost also varies, since this could of $ 40 to $ 150. Some insurance and HMO now cover, or in part, to verify that this be included in the directive.

Anyone can refuse acupuncture pain to alleviate or prevent a try, but a lot of practice to see someone during pregnancy. But if you have already started, it is generally safe to do so, until the child is born.

Ask some acupuncturists to take in some herbs as part of the treatment. If you have no idea what it can do, have this first from your local doctor to ensure checks that it is safe if this could interact with the drugs you take it, cause side effects.

What kind of acupuncture should you try? That's up to you. you all effective so that you discuss this with your doctor and some research so you know what you get in. Each of these is painless so just relax and let the Professional take care of the rest.

Like conventional medicine you don't expect an improvement at night, as it takes time to just to keep an open mind.


Minggu, 13 Maret 2011

What you should know about acupuncture

Acupuncture has been practiced for hundreds of years. So you know more about this practice, are a few things you should know.

First, acupuncture is a holistic healthcare technology when inserting needles into certain points in the body. Studies have been conducted, and it has been proven for the treatment of ear, nose, throat, respiratory, gastrointestinal, eye, nervous system and muscle disorders.

The needles used in acupuncture are very small and probably feel a slight twitch when the needle goes in. They seem to ΒΌ of an inch deep and stay there for 45 minutes to an hour depending on the condition of the patient.

If entered correctly, you need some cramps, swelling, electrical sensation or tingling, which means that the treatment works.

Needles for acupuncture in the us are clean, because they are required for non-returnable. This prevents the only chance that those who go for the treatment of a communicable disease hepatitis infected or HIV is how.

Because this has been practiced for over 2000 years different styles developed by acupuncture. So, before you decide to go for a session, you need to know what technique is used so that you can you explain what happened.

Finding an acupuncturist should also wondering where your training, how long you in practice and in particular what been getting experience, the specialist in the treatment of the illness experience.

They should be able, your credentials as you graduate and their State Board license to present. If you are in a State which is not a license life required, make sure that you want to display, something that explains that you can practice your profession as a document of the National Commission for the certification of acupuncturists.

The duration of treatment depends on your problem. Some are easy to fix compared to others, especially when you deal with something in the long run. For example, alcoholics and drug users their trucks could end after 3 or 4 months while a disease such as Autism year take, do not know to cure because it's still for this disease.

Before the needles are inserted, must you undergo a physical examination and a few questions. There are risks involved, although it is a painless procedure, because the needle something vital within could take, but if the specialist is good, then there is nothing to fear.

A place of blood you can determine when the needles come from. But if you're concerned about, talk with your acupuncturist, so that he or she can prescribe something.

Some patients experienced relief after the first meeting, but others something no experience. This is an average session must be 12 to 15 times at least 2 to 3 times per week.

If acupuncture works for you, the only thing you need to follow-up sessions. This can be two times every 2 weeks or monthly. It's really up to you. But don't forget to see your regular doctor so he or she can follow the progress of your condition.