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Types of acupuncture

There are different types of acupuncture. Depending on what you you are designed to do the same and that is to relieve pain or to treat certain disease.

The first is called based acupuncture TCM. It used to be harmony in the body eight principles of complementary opposites. Internal/external, surplus/deficit, Yin/Yang include hot and cold.

French energy acupuncture is then called. This is often used by MD acupuncturists. Meridian patterns are emphasised in particular the Yin Yang pairs of primary meridians.

Korean hand acupuncture is another, as practitioners believe that the hands and feet concentrations of qi and the application of Acupuncture needles in these areas for the entire body is effective.

There are also auricular acupuncture, where it is assumed that the ear a microcosm of the body. This means that Acupuncture needles at specific points to the ear, so that it can to treat certain addiction disorders.

Myofascially-based acupuncture is often used by physical therapists, as it goes, to feel the lines of the Meridian looking after tender points against the use of needles, like this, where abnormal energy flows.

Japanese acupuncture styles referenced as "Meridian therapy," tends to be more emphasis on technique and feeling meridians diagnosis needling.

Pulses of electromagnetic energy can also be used if the body is tiny but electrical discharges generated affect the function, the growth and maturity certain types of cells. By the insertion of needles in these areas, it stimulates and changes the neurotransmitters in the body, making the patient feel better after the treatment. This is also sometimes used for Diagnostics and testing.

There are also other forms of acupuncture with needles. For example, there are used a Sonopuncture that ultrasound device sends for the treatment of a patient sound waves at points in the body. Some doctors use a tuning fork or other devices vibrations.

Acupressure is different. Here the professional will use your hands to ease the pain. This seeded or with other healing methods manual can be used.

The number of treatments that you need depends on the condition of the patient. This would be from 10 to 5 treatments and 2 to 3 times per week on average. How much does it cost also varies, since this could of $ 40 to $ 150. Some insurance and HMO now cover, or in part, to verify that this be included in the directive.

Anyone can refuse acupuncture pain to alleviate or prevent a try, but a lot of practice to see someone during pregnancy. But if you have already started, it is generally safe to do so, until the child is born.

Ask some acupuncturists to take in some herbs as part of the treatment. If you have no idea what it can do, have this first from your local doctor to ensure checks that it is safe if this could interact with the drugs you take it, cause side effects.

What kind of acupuncture should you try? That's up to you. you all effective so that you discuss this with your doctor and some research so you know what you get in. Each of these is painless so just relax and let the Professional take care of the rest.

Like conventional medicine you don't expect an improvement at night, as it takes time to just to keep an open mind.


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